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  • "You Rock!

    I have to say hands down- BEST Dentist I have ever been to!! I have soo many great things to say about Precious Smiles, I would take up too much space. You guys have taken such wonderful care of my teeth this part year, Dr. Lugo also had a part in my reasons to quit smoking-healthier and prettier teeth :D For that I am very thankful for. You have done great work for me. I tell people about your facility every time an opportunity presents itself. You guys ROCK!"
  • "Great Work

    I am absolutely in love with Dr. Lugo's work. I was sent to him by the military and I swear I could have slept through the whole procedure. First, the entire office was delightfully pleasant and friendly. They made me so comfortable. They were also quite entertaining (sorry about your BMW) and (again) I cannot express how very friendly they all were. Not to mention that I didn't feel ANYTHING! From the "pinch" to the drill to the filling. I couldn't even smell that God awful burnt bone smell. YUCK! 2 hours after the procedure I was sitting with my husband at the pizzeria eating a slice of extra cheese pizza =) I will definitely be coming back to Dr. Lugo with my entire family. Keep up the great work!"
  • "Definitely Amazing

    Great visit today at Precious Smiles. Dr Lugo and his staff were very professional and helpful. The office with it's state of the art equipment, modern decor and tv in all the rooms makes it an enjoyable experience. I will recommend to my family and friends."
  • "Best Dentist... Awesome!

    Thank you Dr. Lugo, to me and my family you are the Best Dentist... I never feel that needle and that's Awesome! Great Staff also."
  • "Muy Buen Trabajo

    No cambio a MI doctor por otro, es muy especial en mi vida. Trabaja como quien quisiera, muy buen trabajo."
  • "Excellent Service!!!

    Excellent Service!!! Dr. Lugo is quite professional and his Staff is super friendly with modern technology and equipment. My husband and I were referred by friends and we are happy to drive more than 2 hours just to have our dentistry done at Precious Smiles!!!"

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